Friday, February 11, 2011

Avatar of Menoth Stained Glass WIP

If you are going to lose every battle, you can at least look good doing it.  I reposed the Avatar ages ago, and I've been meaning to paint him with stained glass for even longer.  I'm certainly not the first to do this.  My aim is something more ornate than the studio paint job, but not a walking church.

I've left all the tabards/curtains off, with intent to sculpt them to go with the new pose later.


  1. Looks fantastic - always like using this guy especially with eKreoss as it freed up his focus for the Redeemer I usually took with him.

    Found him impossible to paint though with all that detailing so left undercoated, look forward to seeing how you go with it.

  2. Wow, the stained glass looks so awesome it's going to completely distract viewers from the fact that you didn't even paint the rest of the model!

    Oh, what's that? Your not done yet...?


  3. @Angelos, no the whole model is complete in the picture... it just pales in comparison to the stained glass. ;-)

  4. Wow, that's great! A really, really good idea. With those gothic arch spaces right there on the sculpt I'm surprised the studio paint up didn't feature this too. The brass/gold looks good as well, very monumental. I have a feeling this model is going to be a real centerpiece of your squad when it's done (even if you do "lose every battle" ;)


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