Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gravity 2, Wraithlord 0

You'd think I would have learned from the last incident, but noooooo.  The Wraithlord took another majestic dive into the dogs' water bowl tonight.  This time the cause was a rinse-water mug being taken off the shelf, causing an HP multimeter to tip forward, pushing the Wraithlord.

He is now, once again, repaired and awaiting shipment to his new home along with some of his friends.


  1. No!!!!!!

    I hate it when that happens. The worst is when the model actually breaks rather than just coming apart.

  2. This Wraithlord needs to steal some of the Harlequinn grav-belts so it isn't so it can fall with more grace and land on its base...

    captcha = resst

  3. Sorry, but at this rate I'm starting to think you on purpose feed your dog on eldar minis. If only GW sold them in king sioze bags like dog chow does...

  4. That sucks, given that it has fallen twice I'm more surprised that it looks as good as it does. I just wouldn't move it again until after you seal it and then only in your army transport of choice.

  5. *Echoes similar sentiment to Mark*

    Sculpt on some fashion of stabiliser units. :D


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