Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Don't Normally Gripe About Prices But....

So I'm helping my 9-year old with her Orcs and Goblins yesterday and we realize that neither of her Orc chariots have a base.  Okay, so I get on the web site to see how much the bit costs. 

$4.50 each?!  Really?

I mean, this really isn't a case of custom tooling and making profit over time.  This is the same chariot base that comes with every chariot.  If they had been $2 a piece I would have probably just thrown a few in the cart, bought a few more things to get up to the free shipping point and never thought a thing of it.  Now I'm just going to buy some plasticard from FLHS and cut 50x100mm pieces. 

I remember when GW first started releasing the $25 boxes.  At the time we had a GW store around the corner from my house and I told the manager there that the move was brilliant.  $25 is firmly within "impulse buy" territory, while $35 is just a little too steep.  For all the time I ended up hanging out at the GW store playing and painting I made more $10-$25 purchases out of pure proximity to the merchandise than I ever have since that particular store closed.  It's just not convenient to order one little thing online. 

So, there the lesson I guess.  If you have just opened a store selling this stuff (you listening Big D?) the more time people spend in the presence of easy purchases the more likely they are to just go ahead and buy something that catches their eye.


  1. cheap pre-cut MDf is always good for bases

  2. I feel your frustration. My gripe is towards the $4.10 Screaming Bell base. I've recently been trying Hoard 'o Bits on Ebay but so far no luck.


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