Monday, July 26, 2010

Blood Ravens Shrike Proxy - Skipping A Bit

I am mortified by the quality of the photos in that last post.  For what was supposed to be a step-by-step I certainly lost the ability to show the different steps.  When I did the Hormagaunt step-by-step for Hive Fleet Emervac, I had the photo set up and just placed the model in position after each step and click.  This time I just pointed the Ott light more or less at the mini and took a hand-held snapshot.  Ouch.

So here at left is hopefully a little better idea of what he looks like.  I had intended to show the varying levels of bone as I built up to what you see here, and I still have those photos, but I haven't looked at the quality yet.  Maybe I'll do a "step 3" that bridges the gap between step 2 and this.  Maybe I'll just pick another mini and do a real step-by-step with decent photos.  Even with the photo setup this guy shows very little of the red variation.  That may be partly because I applied some glass varnish to some point I wanted to protect and ended up varnishing a lot more of the model than I had originally planned.  (Don't ask why... I really don't know.)  The right thigh looks like it still has a little shine to it, even after the whole model got a spritz of Testors Dull Cote. 

So, still to go on this model.... hair, face clean-up, belt buckle clean-up, badge thingy clean-up, silver highlights, base detail, purity seals, and jump pack.


  1. looks good. The only thing I'd say is you might want an intermediate stage on the cream highlight. Otherwise, cool!

  2. I know this post is pretty darn Ancient by now, but could you upload the rest of those pictures? I've been following your guide and they would be more than handy

  3. @Jesse, let me see if I can still find them. If I can't, I get enough people landing here looking for "how to paint blood ravens" that I should probably do a better tutorial.

  4. I know that's how I found your blog (And subsequently spent a night reading through it) but your guide is easy to follow and gives a really terrific end product

  5. On a side note, what colors do you use to do your Blood Raven Librarians? The effect i have achieved so far from your guides have been more than Excellent (Ans i can't paint) So any tips wold be helpful


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