Saturday, December 12, 2009

Poor Little Truck Can't Get a Brake

Stef called me on the the way home from a friend's house to tell me the truck was driving really squirrely and shaking badly in back.  Immediately I figured that something in the rear suspension that had been damaged in the collision had given out, and that she'd arrive home with the back end nearly dragging the ground.

I was please to see that the only problem was that she had driven home on a flat tire.  The spare on the truck is full sized, so it's not even a financial burden at this time.  I'll just buy a retread after the first of the year.

I just wonder what's next for my poor truck.


  1. she drove home on that?


    lucky there isnt a deep groove in the ashphalt pointing to you house and footage on the evening news of a red truck trailing sparks :)

    even luckier that everyone was okay.

  2. She could only creep down the street at <10 mph. The amount of damage to the rim was minimal, so best I can guess the tire rolled around cushioning the rim for most of the trip (<2 miles)


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