Friday, December 11, 2009

Never Doubt The Wife

"Again?" Stef asked me.
"Yes, again," I said, holding up my fingers glued into a permanent "OK" sign.
"Go stick them in acetone," she said, and went back to reading.
"Pfft.  Acetone won't dissolve superglue," I scoffed.  I had tried it last time this happened to no avail.
"I use it to get fake nails off.  Give it a minute and it will work," she replied this time without looking up.

It worked after about 30 seconds.  I had no idea.


  1. Just pull harder. You do not need all that skin on both fingers.

  2. That's why you were born with so many spares. Man up and tug harder!

  3. Every woman knows about superglue, nail polish and acetone. It's passed down from Mother to Daughter. Or nail technician to teenager. Either way works. :)

  4. I'm a guy and I knew about acetone and superglue.

    Best not to ask how.


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