Friday, October 16, 2009

Five Days with Evony

So the five days of Evony have concluded for this week's Friday Challenge. All in all the game is somewhat fun, but those ads. Sheesh.  And in case you aren't familiar with the game, you get 7 days of protection from attack.  The alliances that declare war on you can't touch you until your eigth day.


  1. I had similar experience with Travian. Once my "noob time-limit" was up, I had 3 guilds (plus all their sock guilds) declaring war. ...though I didn't get boob-filled ads shoved in my face at random intervals, so I guess I lose ;)

  2. Awesome ... I #*&@*&@ hate .. HATE this chinese bullshit game ... omfg its clogging the internet with its crappy advertisements. I hear virtuall the entire game, all the graphics, their marketing stuff ... is basically stolen/hacked AND that they are a chinese WoW gold farm sweat shop that is also running that shitty game on the side. Screw all those crappy free MMOs!!


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