Tuesday, October 20, 2009

eBay, We Need To Talk

...and you may want to sit down.

I'm really sick of eBay.  I'm sick of them charging me >10% of item price in fees.  I'm tired of them raising prices and then telling me that it's a fee decrease (what is commonly referred to as eBay Math) and I am tired of their heavy handed way of dealing with any issue I have as a seller.  I'm done with eBay.  Period.  I know others are too.

As a result, I have a pressing question for the wargaming community...

Do you look anywhere other than eBay for auctions?

I can search and find various other auction sites with various levels of wargaming product, but I really want to know where you folks actually shop.  I should mention that what I've been selling on eBay are minis painted to high quality, but I'm interested in any info you can provide whether is pertains to that or not.

Let me know.  Thanks!
...and, um, eBay?  Your stuff is out on the curb.


  1. I tend to lean towards eBay (despite hating it myself) because it is after all the most popular auction site. :(

  2. I try to avoid ebay as a seller. Since I'm always in the position of needing more bits, I look to Bartertown, etc. I troll craigslist for deals.

  3. I love to buy on Craigslist, but if I sell its on Ebay, and it sucks with listing fees and paypal fees its getting close to 20%.

    Just had a great swap at the FLGS gaming day.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. I've switched over to Craig's List as well, but I don't do gaming stuff, so I guess I'm really no help. But I agree - eBay is no longer the eBay I used to love.


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