Friday, August 07, 2009

TV Metagame

The other night my wife and I were watching a truly horrid "Guinness World's Animal Records" or some-such. No, I don't remember why. It was late, and we were tired.... anyway.....

A few minutes in, during a shot of the audience applauding, I saw a woman tilt her head in a strange fashion. A couple minutes later, another audience shot showed that same woman tilting her head again during applause. It looked eerily similar to the first shot. I decided to review that shot again to find someone else in the audience that had a distinctive action, then rewind TV and see if the editors had just spliced the same audience shot in multiple times. Sure enough, a fellow in the middle rear of the audience (whom we can only describe as "special") clapped with his hands over his head, half standing and shaking his head. His performance would be very easy to identify as identical. Rewinding the live-TV using the DVR I verified that the footage was exactly the same earlier in the show. I saw three different clips used three times each during that show.

The game: be the first person to identify a repeated shot in a TV show.

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