Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sneak Peek of

I've been working on a new commerce site that I'm hoping to launch in September. The Black Templars Dreadnought seen here is for the store and is the sort of things I plan on selling, specifically assembled and/or converted miniatures primed and ready for gaming or painting. I will also feature some of my painted work on the site as well. The address is, which I think describes the mission well. Need a tactical squad with a drop pod for a game in 2 weeks? If I have it on the site it will be in hand and ready to ship.

If I can keep my wholesale supply chain intact I'm hoping to sell most items at around 100-120% of MSRP. So let me ask.... since there are so many discount wargaming retailers around, is it worth paying full retail to get the figures assembled (with mold lines scraped), based and primed? Maybe with a little nicety or two like the special weapon in a tactical squad magnetized so you can swap meltagun, plasma gun, flamer or bolter? One thing I've noticed on the FTW list is that you are all inspired hobbyists. Does this sound like a store that you could see buying from?


  1. Personally, I'm intrigued by the idea--mainly due to my vehement disdain of scraping mold lines. However, my main reservation is that I enjoy assembling minis because it allows for personalization. I would almost feel like I'd be playing with someone else's models...

    As a non tournament player, I don't think I would ever need to purchase an wholly-assembled unit. But I can see the appeal for those who partake in tournaments such as 'Ard Boys.

    If you wanted to just sell bits that have the mold lines scraped, I'd definitely be interested!

  2. Mike

    I can definately see a market for this but the problem will be getting in touch with them. Most of the blogging community and others heavily invested in the hobby probably actually enjoy the modeling aspects as much as the playing. I do not get out much to play and do not yet like to paint so your products would take away what I actually get to do. Ofcourse I do not like mold line removal but that is just par for the course.

    So you are looking for players who either to busy to do their own modeling or people who just want to game. Both those groups might be hard to attract without some good webads.

    Good luck.

  3. I do have a friend that likes painting a lot more than assembling the models (and I will forward him your site). He has even paid those at our store to assemble stuff for him. He likes having the extra touches like cork or slate bases and the magnetized swaps. I think those extra touches and already assembled for a little more than a regular box cost sounds great. I think there is a market, but hit it with getting in touch with them. Good luck!


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