Sunday, August 02, 2009

Land Raider Assembly Instructions - part 2

First off I'd like to apologize for not taking pictures of the assembled "part 1" assembly. I starting building the thing and before I knew it I had the outside hull glued on. Whoops. Hopefully a written description will be enough.

Okay, so now we do the "sandwiched" portion.

The first time I built a Land Raider (without instruction I'll add) I had to cut open and reassemble the thing twice. Knowing that pieces need to be sandwiched between the inner and outer hull would have saved me a lot of heartache. Here's what you'll need:
  • the two little round and one rod front door linkage pieces
  • the two doors that meet with square "teeth"
  • the door piece that is a control panel one one side and a tool kit on the other
Take a look at the linkage pieces. They match the posts coming off the front door on the left side of the tank. One of them is clearly marked which linkage round piece it gets. Glue the round pieces to the door posts, but make sure not to glue the door shut in the process. DO NOT glue the linkage rod into place! Once the exterior hull is on the rod will be held firmly against the round linkage pieces and allow the door to open/close in unison.

As to the square teeth door / control panel thing, you have a decision to make. Either they can go on the gun sponson side or the access point side. It really doesn't matter. This one will be a Land Raider Crusader, so I wish I had put then on the back (to match the Hurricane Bolters) and left the front ones as unobscured access points.

When glueing the outside hull on, it's helpful to have a piece of tread from each side as a sanity check that the two hull pieces are spaced correctly.

Next: the top and sponsons

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