Saturday, April 08, 2006

T-3 Hours to Barbie

Well, in approximately three hours we will be sitting in the Fox theatre with Sarah Lily and our niece Josie watching Barbie: Fairytopia. When Stef and I saw that the show was coming to town we bought tickets, and assumed that the girls wouls freak out when they found out that we were going. The response has been a bit less than freak out. They were more excited to see their cousin.

We took Sarah to see "Bear in the Blig Blue House Live" when she was about 14 months old, and she enjoyed it.... to some degree. I can't imagine bringing Jay to something like this and he's almost two now. Sarah certainly was a precocious little scamp. I suppose it speaks something of the experience that this is the first live show we've planned on seeing in more than six years.

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  1. I've noticed that among all the babies within my sphere, girls always are more advanced than boys - they talk earlier, and have more complex ideas earlier. There are exceptions, but the boys would always rather wrassle than talk about the nuances of Dora the Explorer.


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