Monday, April 03, 2006


Okay, the new photo has helped a lot. The old photo has a 5.2 with 37 votes. The newer photo has a solid 6.0 with 46 votes. I really didn't expect that much difference! Actually, the photo here is better than the one on the CMON posting... but seriously, I can't really bring myself to post a third time.

I wonder if some of my older models would have done better, especially the Dark Elf BSB, with a better photo. I continue to remind myself that I don't paint for CMON scores, but there's obviously some validation in seeing scores rise as my painting improves. After the Dwarf commission job I'm getting back to Skaven for a while, not because I want to see the CMON score but because I want to field a fully painted army.

EDIT: after the magical 50 vote point, the first pic has a 5.6 (better than I had expected) and the newer pic has a 6.1.

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