Monday, April 24, 2006

Ah, Modern Convenience...

I took a shower in my own bathroom today for the first time since last Tuesday. The expected two day bathroom renovation ended up taking six days (seven if you include the day that Brian and I drove to Lowe's to buy the hardware.) I have been begging showers off various friends and neighbors since then. Now that the work is complete, I have to say that I'm quite pleased with it. I wouldn't have chosen to replace the tub and surrounding area of the bathroom, but now that it's done the bathroom just looks more... intentional. I have also very thankful that I am living in the age of indoor plumbing and heated water.

I'm going to participate in CoolMiniOrNot's Mini-Exchange #8. Basically, you mail two or three minis to someone else on the list (decided randomly) and receive a similar number of mystery minis from someone else. Then everyone paints one of the minis they get and posts it on CMON. Since the room with the gaming tables at Rider's closed I haven't had a lot of opportunity to hang out with other painters (only my friend Brian from work and Mark) so I like the idea of connected to a painting community.

Random: I am so into carousel music right now that I considering ordering a CD of it. You'd be surprised how much is available. I blame John Linnel and Pitagora Suicchi.

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