Monday, February 20, 2006

...or not. is down right now. I'm irritated by this.

I have two pictures out there waiting for approval before they can get to the open voting. I think they represent my best work yet, for what that's worth. Yeah, I'm a mini painter now. Not just a mini painter because I like wargames, but a mini painted because I like painting minis. What started as a means to an end has become the end in itself.

Two years ago, I wanted nothing to do with miniature painting. One year ago I was just starting to paint and play the tabletop game Warhammer. Today I find myself looking at minis and scheming how best to paint them, whether they would be usable in a game or not. In fact I look for games to potentially start playing on the quality of the miniatures alone (cough... WarMachine.)

My circle of friends whom I have conscripted into playing Warhammer like to see what I have painted, and show off their own minis, but almost everyone who has seen my work says something to the effect of "I would go crazy doing that" or "I don't have the patience for something like that." I think it's polite code for "You're a nerd."

Rrrrr. Still not up. The site is responding to ping, but the web server's not working. How am I supposed to reach that coveted 8.0 mini unless cmon is up?!?

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