Friday, February 24, 2006

A Great Start

I was at work until midnight last night handling call tickets and getting ready for the Luminis portal upgrade today.

So what do I go and do first thing this morning? I break it. I break the development instance of the portal. It's broked and I broked it.

Now I've gotta wait for my boss (who used to do my job) to come in and help me fix it. How humiliating. I broked it and it's all my fault. There must be some special place in the pantheon of stupid for this sort of thing.

In other news, my minis are doing better... low 6's now and getting better. I started a forum thread at cmon asking the veterans there what I could do to improve. The advice was good, but it involved color theory. I have resisted learning color theory until now, but I guess it's time to go get a color wheel. Maybe I'll just paint everything in sepia tones and skip the whole "color" thing.

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