Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Night of Injuries

Stef attends a group called MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) that meets at a local church. Tonight we went to a get together there for MOPS families and church members. It was meant as a time of fun for the adults, so kids had activities in their activity room.

Soon after starting, Sarah shows up crying in the doorway. She has an enormous knot on her forehead. Apparently she fell and Lily fell onto her, smashing her head into the floor. We iced it for a while, then she went back to play. The knot is a gruesome little thing, and I kept wondering if we'd have a concussion to treat.

We ate some pizza and played some games, then things got worse.

We hear a child crying, and someone is rushing down the hall holding Lily flat. Not up on their shoulder, but flat across their arms. The way they are holding her and the way they are half-running down the hall are very troubling. Stef and I immediately bolt from the game we are playing to get her and find out what's going on. Her nose is black and blue, swollen and bleeding, and Lily is crying hyterically in pain. We grab the coats and Jay and run out the door, leaving a wake of apologies aimed at us. We rushed to St. Joe's and she was immediately taken in at the pediatric urgent care. Jay and Sarah were gems the whole time Stef and Lily were in seeing the doctor, and Sarah wrote a little "get better" card for Lily. After only 40 minutes they came out, and Lily's nose was already looking better. It's still swollen, but it didn't have the broken look that it did at the church. It turns out that broken noses aren't treated until several days after the event (and it was not even determined whether it was broken or not) so they sent us home to keep watch over her. Lily is such a little trooper; the nurses gave her a popsicle and she was pretty much back to her old self (albeit a banged up looking version of her old self) in no time.

I'll let you all know if it's broken. My Poor Lily.

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  1. Oh, the poor pumpkin! What a brave little trooper she is! I've been the backup adult when my sister had to take little Henry to the ER with a serious gash when the heavy wood swing Georgie was riding bashed into his head and knocked him over; when I got to the hospital and saw him I just wanted to buy him a pony to make everything better.


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