Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Robotech RPG Tactics: My Field Trip to Palladium

I got an email from Palladium Books that my Robotech RPG Tactics kickstart rewards were ready, and since I was in Michigan I was able to go and just pick them up. Their office in Westland is only about 20 minutes from my house, so today I drove out there. They had all my rewards boxed up and ready to roll for me, but invited me into the warehouse to see things.

Here is a giant pile of game boxes waiting to go to their new homes...

A little further in they had glass display cabinets filled with painted models from the game. (The buildings are apparently from Dropship Commander.)
MAKURO no sora o tsuranuite ...
There were also unpainted versions of some of the other models, including the Monster.
Chikyuu o utta ikazuchi wa ...
 The Zentraedi looked especially nice, all decked out and ready to be shot up.
Warera osanai jinrui ni ...
Some of the models were still resin versions. I got a chance to hold the Miria-type Queadluun Rau. It was surprisingly heavy, but the PVC should be much lighter.
Mezamete kure to hanatareta

What a great bunch of people! Everyone seemed genuinely happy that I was there to pick up my stuff. I talked to Jeff at length about the kickstart, issues with manufacturing, Macross canon, etc. It was huge fun. Here's another great thing... I hadn't planned on doing this today since it's my 20th wedding anniversary. My wife insisted, and said it would be fun. She's a gamer/nerd/geek/whatever so it's not terribly out of domain for her, but miniatures are not really her thing and she wasn't a huge Macross fan. Nevertheless she wanted for us to go and didn't once make me feel like she was doing it under duress. I love that woman!


  1. Great post. Kinda sad that I didn't get in on this KS, but at the same time am ok with it :) Though to see the Dropzone Commander buildings working so nicely with these pieces.. makes me rethink about buying some now.. looking forward to seeing what you think of the final results!

  2. Heard some mix stuff about this kickstarter. I followed it closely as an old battletecj player who was drawn to that game when the mechs look like the robotech ones which I had seem the cartoons from when I was a kid.

  3. Wow... awesome stuff. I always wanted to get one of those models but "chibi" style. The minis look pretty decent, can't wait to see your painting skills on those.

    I remember watching the series again on dvd about a couple years ago and the nostalgia and love is still there.

    And speaking of couples and love, now you say it, oddly enough it was our aniversary (the 11th one tho) days ago too! Congrats both for getting your KS stuff and anniversay.

    Glad to see some news arround this blog. It's been too quiet lately...

  4. Hi Mike! Glad to see you are still around, and occassionally blogging. I'm not too familar with the Robotech stuff...Looks cool as heck!


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