Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Recognize Everyone and Communicate Hope

The people from our relatively smallish church got together with friends around the country and world to create this song and video. The goal is to get enough downloads (through CD Baby or other means) to fund our new building with no debt. We've been meeting in school gymnasiums for a decade, and while we actually own land we want to build so that we can continue supporting causes around the community and missions around the world.

So check it out. Share it if that's your sort of thing and if you like what we're doing buy the song for a buck.

The title of this post is our church's motto: REACH (Recognize Everyone and Communicate Hope.) Thanks!


  1. Frankly, church isn't my kind of thing but "relatively smallish" sounds like the way to go there... I mean, have you seen what the huge ones are like? O_o

    Anyway, good luck with your fundraising! You'll certainly prefer having your own space to worship.

  2. Even if I'm not really into that, I hope they reach their goal... it's sad to see i.e. how the Vatican is almost made out of gold and then realice the problems small churches have to bear.


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