Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ma.K "Gustav" 1/35 ... Kill the Shine!

Getting close to being done on the Maschinen Krieger fighting suit "Gustav" on a little decorative base. I'm pretty much just looking for errors to fix before I display it at The Model Cave. I tried putting the canopy on, and the shine is driving me nuts. I'll have to ask the local hobby store owner if that can be removed. My searches yield lots of people trying to make the canopy glossy, but not how to remove the shine. I find it distracting. I painted a targeting reticle to the inside of the canopy, which was easier than expected. I began by painting the basic shape of the reticle with VGC livery green, then took a piece of sprue cut to a point to scrape the lines down very thin. The sprue scraping the canopy did not leave scratches, but removed the paint nicely.

The base is cork and rocky sand, with photo etched brass barbed wire and maple leaves. I painted the leaves on the sprue, then cut and applied them to the base before touching up the cut points (which shine like crazy.) Photographing this thing turned out much more difficult than expected. At least for these first attempts, nothing seemed to work well.

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  1. I would try a matte varnish. I usually use Liquitex, a paint / airbrush on professional varnish (not expensive though) for all my models. All varnishes will slightly dull the colour and visibility, so don't go too heavy.


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