Friday, June 22, 2012

Finecast Eldrad ... or is he?

I acquired my first Finecast model recently, Eldar farseer Eldrad. I painted a metal Eldrad previously for a commission, and figured I'd like one for my own (completely unpainted, practically unassembled) Eldar army. Of course, after reading the many stories of "Failcast" I gave him a careful inspection upon arrival.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Overall, not bad at all. The flaws indicated are mostly just small bubbles that can be easily filled. Some are on edges, so a bit more cunning will be required to make them smooth. The wrist issue is an incomplete bracelet that might be little tricky to correct, especially since the mold seems to have been slight off there. The sword will be the biggest problem. There is a lot more resin there than there should be, and figuring out exactly what to remove will be difficult. The right foot also has some extra resin chunk on it that will require me to cut it back down to foot shape. Easy enough.

On the back, he fared quite a bit better. The little horn on the sword is more evident on the back, which will allow me to recreate the correct shape. There is also some bending to some of the components, but nothing I haven't seen in forgeworld products and that can't be corrected by a little hot water.

So my verdict: NOT FAIL!

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