Friday, May 06, 2011

Starting Malifaux... sort of

I think I ought to just face the facts that my hobby is now "buying miniatures" and that gaming and painting are just extra activities that result from buying.  In that spirit, I have purchased a Malifaux crew.  After about a million permutations of who would be fun to paint and play (since they are all equally fun to buy) I decided to go with a McMourning crew featuring undead dogs.

The plan is to go to Miniature Market website, click the "Malifaux" link on the left.  On turn two I will go to the Resurrectionists section and find the McMourning box set and click "add to cart."  Finally I will click "checkout" and supply my credit card info.  A flawless plan.

I mean, who doesn't love a crazy coroner dude with steel toed shoes.  Oh, and his totem?  A Zombie Chihuahua.  That was sort of the clincher for me.

Yappy, shaky little jerks.  The box comes with Sebastian (who can make zombie dogs, aka "Canine Remains")  and a couple of nurses (who can supercharge the dogs into one-turn "dog bombs.")  Meanwhile McMourning is making big, nasty flesh constructs and trying to get himself into combat.  Add Mortimer and a Convict Gunslinger and I have a healthy 25 pt crew (using only one nurse.)  It's kind of fun to think about summoning dead dogs.  No, I don't know why.

Gaming Strategy: 
Find someone else who plays Malifaux.

So the next question is whether to try and make it out to RIW Hobbies to get a game in on Tuesdays or to try and get a local community started.  My personal (read: non-family) life begins at about 9:00 PM unfortunately, so very few "go somewhere and game" options present themselves.


    Batting 1000 so far today!

  2. I have struggled in vain to get into Malifaux. Great models but the rules........

  3. I have nominated you for a style award. :)


  4. Mike, as someone who himself has far more models that i will ever be able to finish i fully understand and endorse your strategy :)

    I too am taking my first steps into Malifaux. The rules aren't too hard to pick up if you have someone to show you. Without that someone it takes a bit of time and re-reading the rules - don't give up though John it's a great game once you get going so many different options for different forces.

  5. If it's buying miniatures that you enjoy lately, and do not want all the hassle of building them and painting them, and are looking for someone to play Malifaux with...then you can solve all your problems by purchasing a crew for me. :-D


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