Friday, May 06, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Tip: Give Early!

Remember!  There are weekly "Heroes of Armageddon" prize giveaways, including this week's amazing choice between a Blood Angels Battalion, an Ork Stompa or an Imperial Shadow Sword.  To maximize your chance of winning one of these weekly drawings, give your full donation early instead of waiting until close to the big army giveaways.  The pool of possible winners is much smaller in the beginning (theoretically) so stack the odds in your favor!

Speaking of which, I got my weekly-drawing swag from Secret Weapon Miniatures yesterday.  I have been sick lately, so I did little more than open the bag and rub the bases luxuriously over my body. (Quick suggestion: do not rub resin bases luxuriously over your body... they have pointy and scratchy bits.)  I will do a nice write up of what I got once I get a chance to really give them a go-over.

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