Friday, June 11, 2010

Jimmy and Mimi: Zombie Hunters

Congratulations to Jimmy and Mimi, getting married tomorrow afternoon!  Jimmy likes miniatures and Mimi likes "Left for Dead" so I could not think of a better present than a zombie diorama starring the happy couple.

The paper on the side of the stairs is a scan/reprint of their invitation, which I'm hoping they will recognize.  The paper on the back of the stairs is devised to look like a flier from "Necto" (a night club they frequent) and has their wedding date and a replica of the wax seal that came on their invitations.

The top picture is taken with a spooky backdrop, and the final product is encased in a glass dome, shown in the bottom pic.  I took the pic before the glue along the dome wasn't quite dry, so it still looks white in spots.

Update: I got a call from Jimmy on Sunday (6/13) to tell me how thrilled he and Mimi were with the diorama.  Jimmy, Mimi and her family apparently spent  an hour just looking at all the details.  I am pleased.

Here's another great zombie diorama that was created as a gift. Everyone loves a zombie themed gift.


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