Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The New Digs

Our regular building is being renovated, so for the time being my department will be in the parking structure.  On the left, you see what life was like during the preparation to move.  On the right is my new office setup, at least for the next year or so.  I think I made out pretty good.

I painted today at lunch, hence the toolbox on the floor, the GW toolkit on the desk and the Harlequin on the desk.  Life is good, 60 minutes at a time.


  1. well played, sir.

  2. Had I know PH would get cleaned up I would have never left EMU. Hope all is well. I saw the JET's Pizza too. :)

  3. @Buck: Liar. You'd come back to winter for that?

    The walk to the student center is awfully short now. You can get lunch and be back in about 10 minutes. And it was a Benito's pizza. We always got square Jets, remember?


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