Monday, April 05, 2010

40k Victory #1 *

* 2v2 game, 1500 pts per player

Yes!  After years of 40k I finally have a definite victory on my record.  Well, sort of.... I put an asterisk there because is was a 2v2 battle.  On my side of the table, my Blood Ravens and Charles' Space Wolves.  On the opposite side, Damien's Blood Angels and Lauren's Witch Hunters.  The final battle result was 13 kill points to 6 in a Dawn of War setup.

If you look down the edge of the table, you may be able to spot plasma cannons.  Lots and lots of plasma cannons.  I think Woofies had 9 of them in two units. Nothing wrecks the day of a unit that has to embark a blowed-up transport like having multiple plasma templates dropped on it.  I actually started to feel kind of bad for them when Charles would say, "okay that's 19 S7 hits."  BA's took a Storm Raven, Sanguiary Guard, a big ol' unit of Terminators, and a Librarian Dreadnought.  Storm Raven 'splode real nice on turn one, dropping the Sanguinary Guard in a nice tight pattern.  I charged with my Librarian/Termies, and Dante pretty much had them for lunch until Dread/Lib failed a psychic hood test and I managed to Force Weapon poor Dante to death.

Rules note:  Psychic hoods are used when your opponent makes a successful psychic test.  Force Weapon is a psychic test, and therefore can be hooded.  I hadn't considered it before.

Turn 3, BA Termies came in via deep strike, only to scatter right into my Land Raider and mishap a "unit destroyed."  I was sorely disappointed.  It would have been big fun to have a fight back there.  (Hmmm... maybe this is why I had never won a game before Saturday.  I want an interesting battle more than I want a victorious battle.)

SoB's took three Exorcists, which proved S8 AP1 scary.   I just loved seeing the model on the table, and I desperately hope GW redoes this model in plastic when the Ordos get redone.

So thanks to the great gang at Shenanigans in Taylor, MI.  The store has a great variety of games, actually stocks things, and the gaming group is fun and personable.  I will be back!


  1. - Mike, what is best in life?
    - To crush your enemies, see them driven before you... and to hear the lamentation of their women! :)

  2. Aw, crap! I spent all my time memorizing the riddle of steel!

  3. Interesting Rules point. I hadn't considered that before. Thanks.

  4. I hadn't noticed that rules point's never come up - but interesting to think on, thanks! :)


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