Saturday, April 25, 2009

Social Networking for Gamers

Go sign up at I've been hot and cold about social networking in general, but I'm interested to see what a niche specific social network will produce. I've already discovered a local gaming club that plays regularly in the neighboring town, which was terribly difficult in the low signal to noise ratio environment of facebook.

Don't even get me started on myspace....


  1. If you are talking about League Subterranea, we do most of our discussions over at

  2. I am... I had never heard of you guys before I saw you on mybattalion.

  3. I found out about them from a poster at Labyrinth Comics and Games but I think that it is an official GW club that shows up when you search on their site.

    Welcome aboard. You just missed the massive 40K point Apoc battle in the end of March.


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