Wednesday, April 01, 2009

On the table: Menites and Kans

Hmm. The title sounds like "Kibbles and Bits"... Menites and Kans, Menites and Kans, I'm gonna get me some Menites and Kans.

But anyhoo.... I converted a Killa Kan from various bits, and I think he turned out okay. Meet Stompy and Chompy. I think the rationale behind Chompy's name is self evident, and of course Stompy is up on one leg. The third in the set is tentatively named "Clyde," named for the ghost in Pac-man who broke the rhyming pattern. I don't know what Clyde will be, but he won't be a stock Kan. Anyone care to share ideas?

Also up are some models from the game Warmachine. I play the "Protectorate of Menoth" faction, and I absolutely love the models in this game. I have a standing challenge for a 500 point fully-painted game around May 1, so I'm planning what models need painting. My opponent will almost assuredly field Khador, so I'm in for a first-class whuppin'.


  1. That Kan is awesome! Always nice to see converts on the table, especially ones that look very similar to the GW sculpt. Great imagination you have there, it shows in your work :)

  2. Great looking Menoth models! I love the PP range too and I just finished 500 points of Khador myself - can't wait to see more.

  3. Love the Kanz! Good plasticard work on the rightward one. Very imaginative.

    Always good to see another Michigan-based 40Ker!

    - B


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