Friday, March 20, 2009

Take Cover! Final

Facing superior firepower and running low on ammunition, this Blood Raven waits for the right moment to unleash boltgun fire on the enemies of the Emperor. I wanted to convey a sense that the cover was insufficient compared to the enemy, and hopefully the big glowing hole in the rock says that clearly enough.

I think this is the final product. Unless I find something glaringly wrong with it tomorrow then this is it. Thanks to all of you who suggested improvements. I really appreciate the feedback. It's interesting to note the difference in his right leg in terms of delineation of the kneepad, the lack of which was pointed out by Wienas. Both photos were taken in a light box with no direct light sourcing, and the darklining around the kneepad is far more visible in one pic than in the other. I'm guessing the camera was going through a little "red freak out" trying to figure out how to capture this. I didn't put the scorch marks Lord suggested, as I had envisioned that he wasn't right there when the hole was blasted in the rock.

Special thanks to Felix for the photography tips. These pics were f3.1 1/15 sec ISO 50. This is the first time I've been able to use the light box without pointing a light right into it. You, sir, rock.

The OSL was about as simple as it could be. I mixed some orange paint in with a great deal of P3 mixing medium and glazed it on in very transparent layers. It's pretty effective visually for the amount of effort. Damage on the shoulder pad is thin lines/spots of Reaper Bone Shadow with thin lines of skull white underneath. The key to thin lines is dilute paint and controlled brushload. Too thick and the paint gets chunky as you paint. If you pick up too much thinned paint on the brush it beads up or flows on the mini.

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  1. slick looking heat panthia (glowy rock) like the detail and pose, hope you win.

  2. very nice :) i like damage on shoulderpad and burned rock

  3. Though the scorch marks would have been nice, that is still far, far better than anything I can do: I hope you win!

  4. actually there is something: the base of the model has some sand sticking out: is that intentional? It is just a minor thing, but shows that little bit extra about the model. Of course the slightly sloppy effect is good because it does not detract from the model...your call!

  5. Wow, that is amazing. Seeing this I'm glad that I decided not to compete in the challenge. My work wouldn't have come close.

    I had nearly the same idea in my mind, the only difference being I wanted to show the marine in the process of reloading his bolter.

    After assembling a few pieces I realized that I would not be able to finish the paint job in time, so I quit.

  6. Very nice. Though he is a Blood Raven, I like him.

    I think the OSL, which you've kept nice and subtle, really does help the piece come together when compared to your previous photo down the page. Well done!

  7. Very well done. The pose is perfect.


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