Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dollar Store = Kitbash Heaven

I have a confession to make... I'm frugal. Okay, maybe cheap is the right word. Either way, I've discovered in the past couple years how great the dollar store is for kitbash raw materials.

In case the term is new to you, kitbashing is taking something and disassembling/destroying it to get at its core components, then using those components to make something else. The toy section is especially handy, since a lot of the items have similar scale to wargaming. My BattleWagon shown here is a kitbash of a garden variety GW Ork Trukk, a dollar store steam roller toy and a dollar store Hummer Limo toy. Other bits from older GW models plus some styrene (used gift cards) were used as well. The big shootas in the front were originally the exhaust stacks from the steamroller.

The other Dollar Store item I really like is clocks. For only a dollar you get a wealth of cool gubbins like gears and springs and clear plastic disks. For Orks, all those fiddly little gears look great. I even used some broken gears to base my Grand Scrutator Severius last night.

Other Dollar Store items you might find useful:
  • laser pointer (true LOS!)
  • hobby paint brushes (for glue mostly)
  • craft sticks (tongue depressor sized or smaller) for wooden planks
  • plastic shot glasses for mixing 2-part epoxy
  • steel cookie sheets for carrying magnetized models
  • basing material (small rocks, spices, etc.)


  1. I am also a big dollar store fan, great work on the Ork Truk / battlewagon

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Those are some spiffy ideas of Dollar Store useage!


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