Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We're Back Online!

Stef just called me at work to tell me (almost tearfully) that DSL is working at home again! We're back online after an excruciating week!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. A week without net? That's not terribly long, and there are plenty of places to get internet other than your house, presumably. That's true, except:
  1. We don't have a laptop, so we can't be portable.
  2. We have an online business to run and shipping labels to print, which is nearly impossible to do outside your own setup.
  3. We do most of our business late at night, which isn't exactly conducive to going over to someone else's house to borrow their connection.
I think Stef was about to have a mental breakdown last night over it. Life as a Luddite did not suit her, and even the kids were getting bored of the computer without Maple Story or other connected games. Now, to catch up on the backlog! I know I've lost customers over the turnaround time from August/September, and this outage hasn't helped a bit.

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