Friday, September 19, 2008

A Few Thoughts on Magnets

I've been magnetizing my bases for 40k, Whfb and Warmachine for a while now. I've found fantasy units so much easier to transport when already ranked up than if each model is in its own little cell in a Sabol ATC, so I've typically used a steel cookie sheet (dollar store variety) to transport them, neatly arranged on a movement tray that, itself, has magnetic sheeting on it (ink jet printable refridgerator magnet type.) I should probably come up with some way to transport 5 or 6 cookie sheets at once... but I digress.

So far I've been using 1/4" Dia x 3/32" Thick NdFeB Disc Magnet, Ni-Cu-Ni plated from They are strong enough that two of them will keep a heavy warjack stuck to the side of a filing cabinet. The problem is that with light plastic figures, the magnetized models tend to "jump" into each other if they get too close. I think I might try to find something a little smaller for the plastic figs in light of this. I would still use the stronger magnets for the metal models though.

I've also never used magnets for weapon/arm swapping, but I am probably going to do so after reading this entry over at "All Things 40k." The idea of being able to swap terminator arms out is too tempting with the new Black Reach terminators so easy to get. A single box of assault terminators + a Black Reach box = 10 assault termies or 5 regular/5 assault if you magnetize arms.


  1. I've been basing my models for WFB for years too. However I went with product from Litkoaero using their paper steel tray liners and pre-cut self-adhesive squares for my Empire and Chaos. (These don't 'jump' near as much as I expect the NdFeB would.

    I have not magnetized any 40k bases at this time; though I've seen some nice transportable armies where models, vehicles, jetbikes etc. have magnet bases and sit nicely in steel toolboxes for transport to a local game shop.

    I've only just begun using magnets for arms in 40k.

    I haven't got a AoBR box yet but between buying extra issues of WD and a friend's donation, I've ended up with a couple extra freebie Terminators. I did the same thing by pulling out an Assault Terminator box I bought a while back and mixing them up. The problem I ran into is that while you get 10 sets of arms in the Assault box, you only get 5 sets of shoulder pads.

    So you'll have to tap a bitz company to get what you need.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Jon! I'll check out the paper steel tray liners; they sound like they would be very useful for my plastic clanrats.

    You also saved me an "aw, crap" moment with the Termie shoulder pads too! I had forgotten that one...


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