Friday, July 18, 2008

One Down, Five To Go

As you can see in the completion meter in the above right, I finished the Commissar last night. Sorry for the lack of photos. That leaves five more entries to finish by next Saturday, three of which are coming about quite nicely. The other two (which should be pretty obvious on the meter) are in danger of not happening, which is okay. I'd rather walk in with four competitive entries than six mediocre ones.

Okay, from the dubious accomplishment department, I have now successfully watched the entire first and second seasons of the new Doctor Who series in preparation for the big season finale last night. Between Stef and Susan I had plenty of encouragement. I have made some assumptions about what is going to happen in this upcoming episode and I can't say I'm looking forward to it even a little. Okay, maybe a little. Okay, maybe I'm really curious. Yeah, maybe that.


  1. um... the finale isn't for another 2 weeks... tonight is Turn Left, then The Stolen Earth, THEN Journey's End.

    Unless you've downloaded copies through BitTorrent?

  2. what did you think of the finale of Season 2, though? Bit of a blow to the head, right?

  3. What?!? The big moment isn't until AFTER my painting competition?! Aw, nuts.

    Yeah, I felt beat up at the end. So close... ugh.


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