Monday, July 14, 2008

The Chicago Games Day To-Do List

With hotel paid for, tickets in-hand and entries taking shape, it's time to start the list of things to do before Chicago Games Day.

  • finish base colors on marine
  • battle damage on marine
  • finish banshee
  • OSL
  • snow
  • riding crop
  • touch up freehand
  • shell casing
LotR Shaman:
  • redo eyes
  • armor improvements
  • weapon OSL
  • finish pilot
  • improve wood grain
  • basing shrubs / figure
Skaven Warlord:
  • trophy rack
  • long grass on base
  • fungus on base
  • improve skulls on back
Warmaster Skaven (not looking quite so likely)
  • Finish Eshin base
  • Entire Moulder base
  • Entire Skryre base
  • Entire Warlord base
  • Entire Pestilens base
Even with six categories I realize that I am likely to walk away with a couple honorable mentions at best, which is a little depressing. I find myself intimidated by things like this. I just don't feel like I can match that level of quality, and it's hard to say I'm seriously contending for trophies when I keep seeing minis that are out of my league, so to speak. I don't want to win a trophy because some category was poorly represented on a given year. I want to win because I painted a world class mini. I'm just not sure I'm there yet.

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  1. how on earth can you get this all done and still get caught up with Doctor Who in time? I just don't know...


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