Monday, May 07, 2007

The Big Winners!

Saturday was the big day at the local Games Workshop store. The staff at the new store had been handing out tickets for prize drawings since the day they opened, and Sarah, Lily and I had amassed quite a little stack of them. On Saturday at 2:00 PM local employee Marc reached into the box if tickets and pulled out one of ours! We had won an Orcs & Goblins army box! Contents of the box are pictured here (sorry for the small pic.) The people gathered offered much congratulations, and were a very positive bunch. I like that place more every day.

What we won:
  • Orcs and Goblins army book
  • 40 night goblins
  • 20 orc warriors
  • 1 orc boar chariot
  • 10 black orcs
  • 10 goblin wolf riders
  • orc warboss on boar
  • orc standard bearer
  • orc shaman (limited release figure... only available in army box)
  • goblin big boss
Retail price of the box: $215 !

The girls and I had talked it over before going there about both the chances of winning and what we would pick if they gave us the option to choose an army box. We had decided on Tomb Kings if they let us choose, but we are all terribly thrilled with the Orc army. (Plus, I should have remember that the army boxes are a fairly time sensitive things. They are only available for a few months at a time, then the next army's army box is released.) Considering that I already had a few units of goblins from a Battle for Skull Pass box that a coworker and I split, it makes for quite a sizable army.

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