Monday, April 25, 2011

Playstation Network Update

2011.04.21: Network halted for upload preparation
2011.04.22: Wetware sychronization initiated
2011.04.23: Wetware disconnect complete
2011.04.25: Cell network reprocessing initiated

PENDING: Cell process neural network distribution completion
PENDING: Network restart
PENDING: Ringing phones in sequence down a hallway to indicate success to nemesis
PENDING: begin global nuclear bombardment


  1. well, don't hate me but I'm on the other side of the fence... microsoft's one to be exact. "We" are receiving a new system update soon but lately those ain't any exciting at all.

    Anyway, hope the update brings you fresh new features or solves any bug rather than crashing the system and such :)

  2. People are having their lives "RUINED" due to this. A radio show took caller comments yesterday an it was sad to here how this system shut down is ruining their lives. I wanted to puke because its pathetic to learn when a material item, and a non-vital one, can cause so much grief. Is this the thing that made peoples lives better...seriously?

    Maybe they never had a friend teach them about other stuff, like baseball, or 40k or talking walks outside.