Friday, April 08, 2011

My Busy Hobby Shelf

I should either finish some of these or move them to a safer locale.  This is the shelf from which the Wraithlord and Treewoman made their various drops.

So what's up there....

  • the Avatar of Menoth with his stained glass goodness
  • an Ultraforge Treewoman in progress
  • a couple Warmachine mercenaries (Anastasia DiBray and Madelyn Corbeau) unpainted
  • a Reaper Elf Mage that I was painting as part of a challenge vs. Auberoun at Digital Waaagh.  
  • High Exemplar Kreoss poking in from the side
  • the Ral Partha Elf Blademistress I've been trying to paint lately
  • Skaven Lord Skrolk, who may end up a Golden Demon entry if I can improve him dramatically
  • a Wraithguard in a sad state of WIP
  • a panda made from polymer clay by one of my kids
  • Reaper Jolie, also painted by one of my kids
  • a Razorback turret with heavy bolters
So what does this demonstrate?  That I am incapable of finishing a project?  Maybe....


  1. That looks a bit like my desk.

  2. This isn't normal for everyone? I need to find the people who have no backlog and either foist grunt labor on them or have them studied for science.

  3. The panda is kinda hard to spot and looks like mikey mouse's hiding after a plastic bag.

    Seen the post by the time it was up and had checked it twice before saying a word... I'm with "doom of the people" here. My space always looks like a nurgle-ish mess and finishing and lately finishing a single miniature isn't happening often enough.

    When people asks me about that given wip seen months ago at the blog I blush and remain silent in shame.

    I'm questioning myself now why so many wips fall into oblivion...

  4. Oh, you should check your "notable hobby blogs" list... THE SHINE MINIS is (sadly) no longer online...

    See? worse stuff can hapen other than just not finishing stuff... and it's not even starting it!

    EDIT: captchas make for great character names, like that las one, hipatio. Mnn... "brother Hipatio" ;)

  5. That is what you have done to the tree woman since dropping it? And I thought you were painting it when you ignore me on chat.... Epic Fail!