Thursday, April 21, 2011

Legion 1/0 ... Protectorate Still 0/9

We haven't played any Thursday lunchtime battles at work in a few weeks, so it took me unawares when our local Khador player (aka "wins all games") IM'd me that he was up for a game.  I could have played the house Skorne army, but decided to test drive Matt's Legion.

My Legion:
  • Lylyth
  • Carnivean
  • 5 Shredders
  • Strakhov
  • Marauder
  • Juggernaut
  • The Three Bears
  • Gorman DiWulfe
So what happened, you might ask?  Did you not read the title?  I won!  It turns out Lylyth is deadly with that bow.  POW 12, 12" range and ROF 2.  Anybody with less armor than Karchev is going to feel that one.  I pretty much raced off to one side (leaving the Three Bears alone on a flank) and tried to swarm him with Shredders, which put a little pressure on.  On Lylyth's feat turn, those little rabid jerks will get 4 dice to hit and boosted damage.  They aren't going to miss.

One note about running a slew of Shredders... you need to have some way to identify them!  I could have written on the base or something, but I decided to give them nicknames based on their poses.  Lefty and Lefty Jr. had an extended left foot (Lefty far more than his namesake) while Up and Down seemed to be looking in the direction of their name.  The Agonizer was, no surprise, an Agonizer that I was proxying as a shredder.  

So how did it end?  He ended up focusing on the swarm of shredders (out of necessity mostly) and moving the Marauder back to screen Strakhov from Lylyth's killer bow.  Strak is immune to fire or I would have dragon breath'd him with the Carnivean.  Instead, I slammed the Marauder (a taste of its own bitter medicine!) into Strakhov and the knocked down models opened the door for Lylyth to step to one side, pop her feat, roll 4 dice to hit against a model with DEF 5, and do the remaining 5 or so damage to win the game.

I like typing that part.  I'm going to do it again. win the game.

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