Saturday, June 24, 2006

Starting bid... $85 ?!??!

Yeah, I wish. The "featured auction" system on CMON is not working 100%. Instead of picking up my real minimum bid of $20, which is a reasonable minimum, it is picking out the "Buy it Now" price I set. That means that anyone seeing the featured auction will think that I set the minimum bid at $85, and implies that I have an awfully high opinion of my mini. Granted, I do have a fairly high opinion of it (it is the best work I've done so far, after all) but lots of minis better than mine finish in the mid-$50's. Starting at $85 would be eBay hubris.

Sarah, Lily and I painted again today. We went to Riders and bought a Reaper fig for Lily (Tristan Loremistress) and a Lord of the Rings blister for Sarah which had Frodo, Sam and Gollum. Pics later, if I get the photography stuff set up again.

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