Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Purchases, purchases

As I said before, Warmachine has been the recent addition to the gaming with the work crew. Brian and Jamie came over Friday night, and Brian and I played a great game of his Khador vs. my Menoth. I'm guessing he had fun too, because Saturday he went to Riders and bought the Cygnar starter box, the Hordes rulebook and a Skorne starter box for Hordes. Hordes is the sister game of Warmachine, and the rules are almost identical. You can actually fight a Hordes army against a Warmachine army with no special rule translation. We are clearly a bunch of Privateer Press fans now.

Am I a victim of eBay hubris? My Space Marine Chaplain (no picture this time... sorry!) is only going for $3.26 currently. I really thought this would be a seller, given the model and the chapter it represents. As things sit, I have actually lowered the value of the mini by $6.74 by painting it.

I have wanted a light tent for a while, and I realized that I had $30 in my PayPal account, refunded by the place where we were going to have Lily and Jay's party. In a fit of poor judgement, I purchased one on eBay. Now I have a 12" cube light tent on the way to use in mini photography, which hopefully will improve the next four auctions.

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