Saturday, April 01, 2006

Say What You Mean

I printed and assembled the optical illusion dragon from and it works great. It's an especially effective version of the hollow face illusion. I brought it home so the family could see it, and the girls all thought it was extremely cool.

Today, a friend of ours came over and I showed her the dragon. Little Lily was in the room with us. As soon as our friend saw that its gaze follows you, she burst out with, "That is F#!&ING CREEPY!!!" Almost poetic, isn't it? I'm hoping Lily wasn't paying attention.

This friend has a three year old child, and I'm hoping this little outburst was atypical of how she speaks at home when it's only the two of them. If she 'tones it down' (as people who commonly curse tend to call the attempted cessation of cursing) around us but speaks freely at home then it's only a matter of time before her young'un picks up on it and teaches it to my kids. Little kids cussing... now that's f#!&ing creepy.

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