Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Change in Plans

As I mentioned, last Wednesday was Stefanie's birthday. As part of the "I'm home for the week of your birthday" festivities, I had arranged for the kinder to spend Thursday and Friday night at my parents' house. Stef and I were looking forward to just hanging out at a bookstore / coffee house without the usual interruptions of "No, you can't have any candy / take that out of your mouth / I told you not to touch that / indoor voices, please."

Thursday morning Stef went to a brunch with her mother and sister-in-law, and the plan was for me to pick her up with the kids to go and drop them off with my folks. Shortly after breakfast however, Jay started throwing up. ...and throwing up. And throwing up. I spent most of the morning holding a bucket in front of his face while we watched Blues Clues. Stef was able to catch a ride home, and took over bucket patrol while I took the girls to meet my mom.

So now we've gone from the promise of two relaxing days without the kids to having a sick, puking baby. He recovered quickly, of which I am grateful since my poor little guy looked truly miserable, but it still put the kaibosh on our plans.

Easter was a lot of fun. Good worship, sugar-crazed children, too much food, etc.

Now I'm back at work.... sigh.

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