Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Change in Plans

We are in the process of having our bathtub replaced. The "two day process" is nearly done with the second day, and I would say that we are almost ready to start putting the new bathtub in. I don't blame the fellow doing the job... there have been a lot of unknowns that he has dealt with admirably.

It's good to see that my children have inherited my (lack of) physical grace. Last night, Stef's brother and sister-in-law (Bob and Cherie) watched our kids so that work on the bathroom could start early and in earnest (i.e. with Stef's help.) Early mid-morning, Jay fell and carved up his lower lip. Stef went to meet them at the emergency room, and then brought him back here. She's been helping with the bathroom process, and I've pretty much been watching Jay. He's a little banged up, but definitely wants to play. The only problem with this is that I called in sick to work today... I've been feeling punkier and punkier for a few days now, and yesterday was downright miserable, so I figured I'd take the day and just crash. Let's give a big internet-style "laughing-out-loud" for another change in plans.

Having the kids gone did allow Stef and me to go to Red Lobster last night so Stef could have crab legs, something we had planned but not executed for her birthday week. The experience was roundly disappointing for me. Stef said the crab legs weren't as sweet as they normally are either. Maybe it's how I was feeling, but the food just lacked savor. I ordered the "Admiral's Feast" but I ate an ensign's worth of food at most.

Now, the real question is how I'm going to get a shower in the morning.....

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