Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Half Over Already?

I took this whole week off in honor of Stef's birthday on Wednesday. Now, here it is on the cusp of Wednesday and it seems like the week has barely started, let along be half over. The girls and I will be preparing a cake tomorrow, alternating chocolate and vanilla cake layers. It was their idea, and I think it might turn out fairly well. There will, of course, be ice cream.

The Barbie show was quite good. The songs that were added were competent, and the diction of the singers was excellent. I understood every word of every song, which can not be said of the last non-kid show that I saw...um.... maybe 12 years ago. I don't think Lily quite grasps the frequency at which these things happen. She was already picking out the souvenier she would buy for the next time we went to see Fairytopia. I tried to explain, but I could tell that she wasn't quite getting that this was a unique event.

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