Monday, January 13, 2014

A Little Treat from Blackwater Gulch

These came in the mail earlier this week. It was a bit of a surprise since I had completely forgotten about pre-ordering them in April '13. These figures immediately appealed to me since they fill in the gaps of the Sedition Wars "Calamity Crew" figure set by including a not-Simon, a not-Kaylee and a not-Book. I put a wash on them so they would photograph better, which helped and hurt. They are not as bug-eyed as they appear in the photo.

The sculpts are nice enough. Not-Mal is the only figure in one piece. All the others required one added piece, except not-Simon who required both hands to be glued on. The proportions are a bit more "heroic" than McVey's figures, so they are an imperfect but reasonable fit together.

Now all I need is someone to make a not-Wash and not-Inara figure and the set will be complete.

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  1. haven't seen those before so I can't imagine them painted. Maybe in muted colors, like browns and diferent shades of black/grey, and few orange here and there... Dunno, looks pretty far west themed to me.


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