Monday, December 09, 2013

So I Quit My Job Today...

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Yup, I pulled the trigger. I'm going to be self-employed as of January 10, 2014, developing apps for PC and mobile platforms, and by apps I mean games. That's the plan. My kids have asked me if we are going to be hobos. Probably not, kids. Well, maybe probably not.

So stay tuned here for more information. Any advice for the burgeoning entrepreneur?


  1. good luck pal~!

    suggestion - you want games where you can do incentive based ads. Basically someone will gladly fill out a survey for 10 minutes for free "hako bucks" which could earn you $1-2 but they will be much more unlikely to spend $1 on your game. also using a "hako bucks" type thing will draw them in and could tempt them into playing multiple games.

    always been interested - had some facebook stuff going but I am not good with graphics/flash and lots of games need that kind of coolness factor. shoot me an email with your plans would love to hear about it!

  2. You're a brave man my friend and I wish you success!

  3. It's been great working with you, best of luck on your adventure!

  4. Good luck! My advice would be...many restaurants have kids eat free nights!

  5. I wish you all the best!

    Start small but be confident in your skills and commit to the schedule!

  6. Set up a scheduled work time at home, otherwise you'll get lost in the daily routine. It wasn't until I crawled out of unemployment and back into my current job that I realized it - better late than never, but I'm trying to structure painting/miniature time at home in-between stints of contingent work.

    Best I can do, as I'm not a code monkey. Good luck, though!


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