Friday, October 04, 2013

A Productive Thursday Night

It's been a while since I posted a Thursday night hobby status. Last night was productive enough that I feel inclined to share. First off, my voluminous Sedition Wars assemble. This pic includes Dr. Hexen (not Cylon #6), Susan Ridley (not Ripley and Newt), Ramirez (not Vasquez), Tranquility Crew (not Serenity crew), 6 bone crabs and 6 mini turrets. Getting the mold lines off those things seemed easier than it did with the original vanguard I painted. Maybe they altered the plastic composition somewhat between the first batch and now. A little Ambroid Pro-Weld on some of the surfaces that had mold lines previously helped smooth things out a bit. It's the only solvent glue I've seen that works on this type of plastic. 

 Jimmy worked on his undead. I can't remember what army he's going to be playing them as.... Vampire Courts or Lizardmen or something. Here are Orcs and Beastmen. Any ideas on how to make the left one more Orc-y?
 Next up, the High Elves that he's converting to be undead....
 ...and finally some zombie pirates he converted. He has an elaborate backstory for this army but I can't remember the details right now. It involves ships being corrupted on their way to Lustria by a vampire and the resulting group setting up camp there. There are definitely some undead Lizardmen involved.

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  1. Chop off spear, put on choppa on skellie on left, and Bob's your uncle!


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