Monday, September 09, 2013

Blood Bowl Dwarf Dugout WIP

This week Thursday marks the beginning of the first Blood Bowl league I've played in, and I wanted to show up with the appearance of being semi-serious about it. Well, maybe committed is the right word, since "serious" doesn't seem to go with a game like Blood Bowl. So to that end (serious, committed, whatever) I have been working on a dugout/display for my Dwarf team.
During school supply shopping I found a pack of four 12" x 12" cork boards for something like $7. Add some 3/4" styrofoam I had lying around and the beginning of a board is born. I placed minis on the desired locations, including enough spaces for more team members and a Death Roller, and drew lines around them and used an xacto to cut holes. It was far easier to cut the cork over the styrofoam, even though the cutting damaged the foam a little. The damaged areas are going to be under the minis, so I didn't think anything of it. By the way, cutting 16 holes in cork with a hobby knife is harder than I thought it would be.

So this is pretty close to the final shape. Simple and functional. I'll put the team logo on the big slab in the middle and paint something to indicate the infirmary (with apothecary) and the dead player area. The turf will be the reserve area. I also need to add a place for my re-roll markers and turn marker, and eventually places for my cheerleaders, assistant coaches etc.

This is going to be fun.


  1. lol dude that is just plain amazing - love it!

    are the guys with the blue helmets your blitzers? probably a good idea to give your runners different colour helmets too.

    you are gonna have a blast. I gotta try and get your skaven guy done because once you play that first game I owe you the set of yellow block dice I was talking about (prays frantically that I still have them!)

    1. Thanks! The blue helmets are the runners, and the guys on the left of the pic are the blitzers, which still need some color coding. After the confusion of "wait, what's this guy do again?" we had during the game with my wife, I figured I'd better make the Dwarfs very obviously different.

      Again, no worry on the Skaven (or the dice, even if you don't have them anymore.)


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