Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Snack Challenge

Battle of the Depression-Eating Heavyweights!  Fight!

It's a whole bag of Kroger Potato Skins (with cheddar and bacon) vs. an entire box of OreIda Bagel Bites!  We're sure to have a battle on our hands, folks!  Which of these foods yields the most self destructive power?!

Round 1: Pure Energy
Bagel Bites:  4.5 servings @ 210 calories per serving = 945 calories
Potato Skins: 4 servings @ 240 calories = 960 calories
The judges are calling this a tie!  The contest could go either way!

Round 2: Sheer Mass
Bagel Bites: 88g/serving = 396g total
Potato Skins: 99g/serving = 396g total
Another tie!  Have you ever seen such a match-up?!

Round 3: Fat City
Bagel Bites: 7g fat/serving = 31.5g fat total
Potato Skins: 16g fat/serving = 64g fat total
Advantage, Potato Skins!

Round 4: Take That, Pancreas!
Bagel Bites: 28g carbs/serving = 126g carbs total
Potato Skins: 17g carbs/serving = 68g carbs total
This round goes to the pizza equivalent!
We're all tied up again!

And now, the lightning round...

Round 6:  Fiber Is For Bran
Bagel Bites: 1g fiber/serving = 4.5g total
Potato Skins: 4g fiber/serving = 16g total
Potato skins have more fiber!  Bagel Bites are the winner!!!

Tune in next week when we pit an entire bag of Doritos Spicy Nacho against a box of 'Nilla Wafers!

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