Monday, November 01, 2010

Attention All Gamers: Cavalry != Calvary

It's a small thing, but it drives me to distraction.  Behold:

CavalryTroops trained to fight mounted on horses (or perhaps bears.  Or sharks!)

Calvary: A hill outside ancient Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified, also called Golgotha.

Notice the small, but all-important spelling difference in letters 3-6.  Gamers seem to have no problem referring to cavalry as "cav" but only seem to be able to say "cavalry" about 50% of the time instead of saying "calvary."  Cav-al-ry.  Cal-va-ry.  Not the same.

Also, when you say "supposably" you probably mean "supposedly."  Supposably is a real word, but it means conceivably.  So, GW is supposedly releasing a new Daemonhunters codex soon, but they are supposably releasing a new army made up of power-armored chihuahuas in 2011.  Supposably.


  1. I love calvary in 40K. I've had a hoard of Blood Angles since Rouge Trader, but I've never been able to have calvary! How GW decided to give it to SW and not BA, I have no ideal!


  2. Ooh... don't go there, man. Abuse of the English language by geeks (who pride themselves on having memorized the Codex Ultramarine or whatever, yet are not even fully "uni-lingual") is a painful thing. The Calvary/cavalry thing is dumb just because, well... aaaaagh! They don't even sound the same!

    Sonsoftaurus' comment summed it up nicely, I guess. "Blood Angles"... LOL.


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